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The Impact of HVAC Systems on Your Calgary Home’s Resale Value

With nearly 65% of Canadian households relying on climate control solutions during the summer months, it has become increasingly challenging to sell a home without these essential systems. Alongside furnaces, thermostats, and heat pumps, these technologies now play a significant role not only in the successful sale of a property but also in determining its selling price. So, why is this the case, and how does HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) equipment enhance your home's overall value?

This article will delve into relevant statistics related to the installation of HVAC systems, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of their impact. Continue reading to discover how to effectively leverage these systems to your advantage in the real estate market.

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Property Values: With and Without HVAC

With the average home price in Alberta sitting at around $465,198, you might not expect HVAC systems to move that dial too much. If that is the case, you would be wrong!

Having an HVAC system can have a real and tangible effect on the price of your home. Even if it only adds 1% to its price, that still makes a good return on investment. For example, a new furnace can generally cost around $3000-$7000, depending on your heating needs, while a new air conditioning system can range from $3000 to $8000. On average, this means the upgrade can pay for itself!

The following are some of the reasons HVAC upgrades can improve your home’s value and assist in the resale:

More Comfort During Open House Viewings

When you show people around your home, if they feel comfortable, they are more likely to want to buy it. Coming out of the cold into a home warmed by a fully functional furnace will impress people, while good air quality can also lead to positive impressions as opposed to stale musty air. This can boost your negotiating stance regardless of whether you mention their comfort comes from home upgrades.

Promote Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Being energy efficient is seen as a huge plus in the modern world. It often leads to lower prices for utilities, encouraging people to pay more up-front when you are selling a home.

Professionally Installed HVAC Systems Can Look Good

A well-installed HVAC can hide among many of the other features of the house or even improve its look in some cases. Many external furnaces and AC units offer sleek and futuristic designs, making any home with them appear high-class.

Reliable All-Year-Round Temperature & Cost Savings

People want the peace of mind that, no matter what happens in the world, they will remain comfortable in their homes. New buyers will want both comfortable air conditioning for the summer and a powerful furnace for the winter. Knowing they have a brand-new HVAC system reassures them that repairs or replacements are likely not in their near future as homeowners.

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Boost Your Home’s Resale Value With A Brand New Air Conditioner or Furnace

The significance of HVAC systems in enhancing the resale value of your Calgary home cannot be understated. With a substantial percentage of Canadian households relying on these systems, their presence plays a pivotal role in property transactions. By understanding the impact of HVAC installations and upgrades, you're better equipped to make informed decisions in the real estate market. To leverage these advantages and maximize your home's resale potential, consider consulting with HVAC professionals from Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. to ensure your systems are in top condition! By showcasing your property's comfort, energy efficiency, and modern design, you can attract prospective buyers and negotiate from a position of strength. Contact us today!


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