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If you need to install a furnace, repair a hot water tank or perform routine maintenance, Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. has you covered. We provide a full range of heating services and are available to install, repair and maintain your heating system. We carry a wide range of heating products from the industry’s leading manufacturers and offer extended warranties on parts and labour. To learn more about the heating services we offer, contact us today.

Signs You Need To Repair Your Heating System

It can be difficult for the average person to know if their heating system needs to be repaired. Here are three telltale signs that yours may need to be fixed:

1. Your heating bill is unusually high

It’s normal for your heating bill to increase as temperatures plummet. However, if it’s suddenly more expensive to heat your home, it may be a sign that your system isn’t working efficiently and therefore needs to be repaired.

2. Your system is constantly running

If you notice that your heating system is continuously running or that you have to keep turning up the temperature to stay warm, you may have a faulty heating equipment component or thermostat issue that needs to be fixed.

3. You hear strange sounds or smell bad odours

It’s normal for your heating system to generate a low humming sound. However, if you notice banging, popping or moaning sounds, it could indicate that your heating equipment needs to be serviced. In addition, a metallic or burning smell is often a sign that something in your system is overheating and needs to be repaired. If you’re in doubt about the condition of your heating system, it’s best to call a professional to quickly diagnose and address the problem before it becomes a serious issue.

Repair Services

If the heating system in your home or business needs to be repaired, we can help. Our certified technicians have the skills and expertise to fix furnaces, heat pumpshot water tanks, garage heaters, air handlers and more. You can trust us to safely and efficiently tackle any heating system repair. Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc is proud to offer Calgary home and business owners comprehensive and affordable heating, installation, maintenance and repair services for:

Bathroom exhaust fans
Commercial and industrial exhaust systems
Commercial kitchen ventilation
Dryer vents
Electronic air cleaner (EAC)
Hood fan
Heat recovery ventilators (HRV/ERV)
Steam humidifiers
UV lights
And more
Whole home bypass humidifiers

The importance of maintaining your heating system

Regular maintenance for your heating system can help you identify and deal with minor problems before they become major inconveniences. In fact, ongoing can help you:

1. Save money 


Preventive maintenance ensures that your heating system can run efficiently. This allows you to save money on your energy bills and extend the lifespan of your system’s components, thereby reducing the cost of future repairs.


2. Increase your comfort

An efficient and well-maintained heating system will ensure you stay comfortable during the cold winter months. In addition, you won’t need to worry about having to deal with unexpected breakdowns.


3. Eliminate safety risks

Investing in preventive maintenance for your heating system can help safeguard you and others against potential fire hazards, gas and water leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, electrical shocks and more.


No matter what kind of heating system you have in your home or business, you can save money and increase your comfort and safety by properly maintaining and upgrading your equipment.

Home Protection Plan

In today’s fast-paced world, remembering to schedule regular maintenance for your heating system can easily slip your mind. That’s why we offer a comprehensive home protection plan. We call you when your system is due for a maintenance call and offer a discount on repairs to make your annual appointment as worry-free as possible.

One of our qualified technicians will visit your home or business, conduct a thorough inspection and identify any needed repairs. If a component needs to replaced, or another type of repair is needed, upfront pricing will be provided.

Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc’s home protection plan Includes:

An annual cleaning and tune-up of your heating system
A 23-point equipment check
A 10% repair discount
A free one-year supply of standard furnace filters
Priority on front-of-line emergency call outs

Our home protection plan ensures that your heating system will be inspected and serviced so unseen problems won’t sneak up on you.

Heating Experts In Calgary

If you’re having trouble with your heating system, or thinking about getting a new one, Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc can help. We provide Calgary residents and business owners with comprehensive heating services that includes expert installations, repairs and maintenance on all types of heating systems. Contact us today to book a service call or learn more.

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