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Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc proudly carries Daikin products. As a global leader in indoor comfort solutions, Daikin focuses on performance, reliability, design, esthetics, efficiency and ease of use to create outstanding HVAC products for customers all over the world.


Contact us today to find out which Daikin products are right for you.

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Your Authorized Daikin Retailer In Calgary

Harmony Heating is an authorized Daikin retailer in Calgary, offering a wide range of Daikin air conditioning and cooling products. As an authorized dealer, we have access to the latest and most advanced Daikin products, and our team is trained to provide expert advice on which products will best suit your needs.


Whether you're looking to upgrade your current AC system or install a new one, our team can help you choose the right product for your home or business.


With Harmony Heating, you can trust that you're getting the highest quality Daikin products, along with exceptional customer service and support.

Discover Daikin's HVAC Product Lineup

Daikin Fit Air Conditioning System

The Daikin Fit is a side discharge, smart air conditioning unit that’s ideal for single-, two- and three-storey homes with existing ductwork and line sets. The Daikin Fit system has a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 18 to effectively minimize your heating and cooling costs. The space-saving, low-profile outdoor unit is easy to handle and install. Furthermore, it features a quick-access side panel to simplify maintenance.

fit style chart
Daikin split air conditioning system

The Daikin split system is a reliable, commercial-grade air conditioning unit. It features a high-efficiency ECM fan motor to quickly move air through your home. In addition, the high-density compressor sound blanket reduces noise levels for years of quiet comfort. The variable-speed compressor has a 24.5 SEER rating to provide outstanding cooling performance. Furthermore, the refrigeration-grade premium copper tubing and aluminum fin condenser coil configuration deliver outstanding heat transfer properties.

daikin split ac
Daikin One+ smart thermostat

The Daikin One+ smart thermostat is an advanced air controller for your home, equipped with a high-resolution touch screen display. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can easily control it from anywhere using your Daikin Cloud account. You can also set customized schedules and choose from a range of energy-saving modes. Additionally, the Daikin One+ is compatible with smart home technology such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing for convenient voice control

Daikin premium air cleaner

The Daikin premium air cleaner comes equipped with a thick, five-inch pleated filter made of hydrophobic polyolefin fibers that are cellulose-free. With a MERV rating of 15, the filter is highly effective in removing over 85% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including allergens, dust, mold, and pet dander, thus ensuring clean indoor air.

Daikin One powered ventilator

Designed for both single and multi-family homes, the Daikin One powered ventilator boasts a versatile and compact design that allows it to be easily mounted on walls or ceilings in various locations such as attics, basements, garages or crawl spaces. It is equipped with a filter that has a high MERV rating of 16 to effectively capture and remove harmful airborne particles from entering your home. Additionally, the smart adjustable climate control system of the Daikin One limits air from entering your home when its onboard sensors detect that the temperature and/or humidity level falls outside your preferred range.

Ready to buy a Daikin air conditioner in Calgary? Do you have questions about the products and their quality? Here are a few questions that we frequently get from our customers:


  • How Much Does It Cost To Install A Furnace In Calgary?
    Furnace installation is a service, and like all services, the cost varies based on several variables, such as the brand you chose, the size of your home, and the type of furnace you opted for. However, in general, the cost of furnace installation in Calgary is around $3000-$7000. At Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we guarantee that the cost of the furnace installation service we offer to you is done right at a fair price. You can be assured that you will get a transparent estimation from our side and will only pay the amount initially quoted.
  • What Is A High-Efficiency Furnace?
    It is a heating system that converts most of its fuel source into energy while minimizing losses or wasted heat. Purchasing a high-efficiency furnace has several advantages. It uses less energy, can help you save money over time, reduces carbon impact, and frequently has a longer lifespan.
  • Which Brand Of Furnace Is The Best In Canada?
    Our professionals at Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. will suggest a model most suitable for your home and meet your demands, even though we know that every brand has a different efficiency level. Do you still have a concern regarding a specific question? Please visit our FAQs page.
  • How Long Does A Furnace Installation Take?
    Depending on the complexity and size of your house, the furnace installation can take roughly 4-8 hours. Extra time may need to be added for other installation work such as gas line modifications, ductwork, electrical, or gas line.
  • How Do I Know When It’s Time To Replace My Furnace?
    The following warning signals will help you decide whether to replace your furnace and contact our professionals for furnace installation in Calgary: Increase in energy bills. The furnace is getting old. Excessive dust, dirt, and rust particles have started to build up within your home. Rooms in your house are heated unevenly.

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