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No ducts? No problem. Mini splits are your small, flexible solution!

Typically used as retrofitted add-ons in non-ducted homes or in multi-family housing, ductless mini split air-conditioners are the solution for you when extending or installing distribution ductwork for a central air-conditioning systems is not an option. In fact, ductless mini split air conditioners are a smart choice for small condos, apartments, or add-on rooms. Perhaps you want to think of them as more of a “space cooler” with configurations for up to 4 zones, each of which can have it’s own control. You can even get a remote control if you want!

Like the central air conditioner, mini splits have the outdoor and indoor component as well as a conduit for the power cable, refrigerant and suction tubing, and the condensation drain that links the two main components. They are super easy to install compared to other systems, with an array of ceiling, wall, and floor models.


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