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If you don’t intend to hang your laundry on a clothesline or drying rack, you’re probably using a dryer and require a dryer vent. Do you know that not cleaning your clothes dryer for a long time is a contributing factor in determining your indoor air quality? If ignored for a long time, an unclean dryer vent can trap moisture and become your house’s chief source of mould. Therefore, regular duct cleaning is as much important as the proper installation of a dryer vent. Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning provides top-tier dryer installation services in Calgary and a host of other services, including dryer vent repair, dryer vent rerouting, and dryer vent maintenance. We will set you up with top-quality metal vents that are safe, catch and prevent lint build-up, and allow the best airflow.


Allow us to make your dryer vents clean and hygienic by booking our service now!


Here is a list of services we offer to our clients:

  • Dryer vent installation services
    A professional installation of your dryer vents is crucial to ensure safety and long-term comfort. Our dryer installation service is the best of its kind in Calgary, and when it comes to the safety and satisfaction of our clients, we leave no stone unturned.

  • Dryer vent repair
    Damaged or leaking vents can be a potential fire hazard and a significant factor responsible for mould growth at home. If air venting is disrupted, it could even lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, requiring repairs. Why go elsewhere when we bring you quality repairs within your budget?

  • Dryer vent rerouting
    An improper dryer vent installation can get clogged, so a professional dent vent rerouting is indispensable. The correct alignment and placement of the vent ensure maximum airflow and improve the overall efficiency of your dryer vent. Visit our blog to learn more.

  • Dryer vent code
    Most dryer vents emit a poisonous gas, commonly known as carbon monoxide. To avoid such incidents, the air from the dryer must be vented outdoors as per the standards set by International Residential Code (IRC). The thickness of the vent should also be taken into account. We ensure that all manufacturers’ instructions are strictly followed for the safety of our customers.

  • Dryer vents in new construction
    There is a dire need for the appropriate positioning of laundry rooms in new construction projects. Ideally, there should not be a long-distance between a dryer unit and the outdoor vent cap. The installation of a dryer vent in an unsuitable area can increase fire risk. We work with builders to ensure the most secure dryer vent installation for new homes in Calgary.

  • Dryer cleaning and maintenance
    Cleaning your dryer vent once every six months is recommended for optimum performance. We would suggest you hire a professional for the job as the vent systems are complex and it won’t be possible for you to get a thorough cleaning and maintenance by yourself. Our professional team of technicians can help you with it!

To hire us for dryer vent installation services in Calgary, give us a call!

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