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Fan coil units (FCU) form part of the HVAC systems in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, providing energy-efficient heating for multiple individual spaces from a single unit. If you live in Calgary or the surrounding area, Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. can install a new fan coil unit in your home or building and provide ongoing maintenance and repair support. 


We’ll help you find the most efficient and effective home heating solution for your property. Contact us today to learn more.

close up of a coil used in hvac heating units

How Does a Fan Coil Heater Work?

Fan coil units generate heat with a heat exchanger, or coil, combined with a fan. Ductwork may be installed to serve multiple spaces. These units are controlled either by on-off switches or by a thermostat.


Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how a fan coil heater works.


  1. The fan in the FCU turns on and draws air from the room

  2. The air passes through a filter to remove dust and other particles

  3. The air then passes through the indoor coil

  4. In heating mode, the refrigerant or water in the coil heats the air

  5. The warm air is blown back into the room

Benefits Of Using Fan Coil Heating

FCUs are a versatile and efficient way to heat rooms. Benefits of using an FCU include:


  • They can be used to heat rooms of all sizes.

  • They use less energy than other types of heating systems.

  • They’re quiet and easy to maintain.

  • You can adjust the temperature in each room to suit your needs.


If you need a versatile, efficient, quiet way to heat your rooms, a fan coil heater is an excellent option.


Fan Coil Heater Installation

The technicians at Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning have the training and the tools to install your new FCU. Here's an overview of FCU installation.


  1. Location selection. Suitable sites for FCUs include walls or ceilings. You might even conceal the unit in a false ceiling.

  2. Mounting. The FCU must be securely mounted with sufficient structural support.

  3. Electrical connection. The power supply is connected to the fan motor, heating coils and control unit.

  4. Piping and tubing. Refrigerant and/or water lines are attached for heating energy transfer.

  5. Ductwork. If needed, the installer will connect ductwork for air distribution to other locations.

  6. Controls and sensors. Systems and sensors are installed and calibrated to regulate temperature and airflow.


After installation, the technician will perform tests to ensure your unit runs smoothly and efficiently.

Fan Coil Heater Maintenance

To ensure your FCU’s longevity and optimal performance, follow these tips:


  • Periodically clean or replace the air filters.

  • Every few months, clean dust from the coils using a soft brush and vacuum or compressed air.

  • Inspect refrigerant or water lines for leaks.

  • Lubricate fan motors and bearings as per manufacturer recommendations.


With Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning’s Home Protection Plan, our HVAC experts will handle the maintenance for you, regularly checking your FCU and addressing hidden issues or wear and tear.


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