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Furnaces are essential for living comfortably in the chilly winters of Canada. To ensure that your furnaces are working properly, you should get maintenance services from time to time. At Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer professional furnace maintenance services in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Our services assure you that your furnaces will never let you down on a cold winter night. Apart from furnace maintenance, we also offer repairs and installations. 

Our team can work with heating systems, air conditioning, ventilation, gas fittings, hot water tanks, and much more. For any questions about our comprehensive range of services, call us for a consultation. 


If you believe routine maintenance is unnecessary or will not benefit your system, you are mistaken. Timely maintenance or tune-ups can have loads of benefits for you and your furnace. Here are a few of those benefits for your reference:

  • It can help you save up to 30% on energy bills

  • Ensures a longer life and better performance for your furnace

  • It helps you in avoiding future breakdowns and the repair expenses that come with it

  • Allows you to identify leaks in time

  • Have a comfortable home with even heating

So now that you know how many benefits a well-maintained furnace has to offer consider giving us a call today! Your needs for repair, installation, and maintenance will be perfectly met by our furnace maintenance services in Calgary.


When you hire us for a furnace tune-up, you will get the following:

  • Inspection of the furnace
    Our experts inspect different parts of the furnace and check if they are working properly. Also, any combustible material around the furnace will be removed.

  • Cleaning the whole furnace
    Next, our team cleans up the whole system, from specific parts to vents and ducts. All the dust, lint and filth are removed and disposed of properly.

  • Testing and measuring
    Now that everything else is done, our technicians will test the machine’s performance and ensure there isn’t any leakage or any other problem with the furnace. If any issue is found, it will be repaired.

You can check out our gallery section to see some of the projects we have worked on.



While regular maintenance from professionals is essential, you can do a few things on your own to get better performance from your furnaces. If you want more information about furnace maintenance and repairs in Calgary and the surrounding areas, feel free to contact our team.

Here are a few tips that you can follow for furnace maintenance:


  • Keep flammable objects away from the unit.
    Furnaces produce heat; if a flammable object gets sucked in, it can lead to a disaster. Around the system, there will be much heat and keeping flammable stuff like clothes and paper poses a fire threat. You should regularly check and clean the area where the furnace is installed.

  • Ensure that all the vents are cleaned and cleared
    The vents are responsible for even distribution of heat from the furnace to your entire home. An unclean household vent can lower your furnace’s performance, which might put an extra load on the heating system. Make sure you get them cleaned from time to time to ensure comfortable sleeping temperatures. 

  • Regularly clean the filters and ducts.
    Over the months, the filters can collect a lot of dust and filth from the surroundings. It is highly advised that you clean it from time to time to avoid safety issues and damage to the equipment. Blockage in vents or filters also affects the furnace's performance and can significantly impact your energy consumption.


If you are looking for a reliable furnace maintenance and repair service provider, Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning can help you. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of furnace systems, our team can help you get furnaces that perform as expected and last a long time. Our engineers use some of the most advanced equipment used in the industry.


You can refer to our FAQ section to get answers to some of the questions our clients always bring to us. You can also check out our blogs to get tips on topics like improving the energy efficiency of your furnaces, heating systems and air conditioning.

Furnace Maintenance And Repairs


Trust our skilled technicians to ensure your furnace always works at its best.


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