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Your thermostat is the heart of your home’s heating and cooling system. Therefore, you want a system you can trust. If you want complete control over your indoor climate, look no further than Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc in Calgary. We carry advanced thermostats from leading brands like Daikin, Honeywell, and Ecobee. Designed to streamline functionality, our thermostats are easy to use and come with smart features.


The complete installation process should always be handled by skilled professionals. Reach out to our team, and we will be there to help you get easy connectivity with our intelligent systems. Our services include smart thermostat installation, replacement, and repair.


Our qualified technicians can professionally install a new system or retrofit your existing one to help keep your home comfortable all year round. Contact us today for more information.

What Our Smart Thermostats Offer

We stand by our products and ensure all our smart thermostats feature:

  • Simple installation process

  • Easy to set up

  • Comes with a smart service application

  • Features ventilation control

We’d be happy to help you get easy connectivity with our intelligent systems.

Products We Carry

At Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, we provide our clients with the best products on the market. Here’s an overview of the smart thermostat products we carry and install:

Honeywell T6 Pro

Honeywell’s T6 Pro programmable thermostat provides flexible scheduling, so you can change it from day to day, just on weekends or keep the same program all week. For example, you can set a preferred temperature for when you sleep, wake up, leave the house or come home.


The unit is equipped with a large, backlit display, so you can easily determine the temperature and change the settings. Plus, it sends out handy reminders to let you know when it’s time to change the filters or the batteries.


Honeywell T4 Pro

Honeywell’s T4 Pro programmable thermostat is an easy-to-use device that helps you manage your home heating and cooling system. The unit features push-button control and seven-day scheduling, including an option to set a different schedule on weekends. Over time, the system learns how long it takes your system to reach the desired temperature and will turn on the heating or cooling system earlier to make sure you’re comfortable at the time you expect.


Honeywell Prestige

The Prestige® IAQ thermostat with RedLINK® allows you to control your home’s temperature, humidity and ventilation. The unit’s high-definition, full-colour display is easy to read and allows you to view your home’s current temperature and humidity, make adjustments and program a heating and cooling schedule for every day of the week. You can also use RedLINK® to connect the thermostat to the internet for mobile alerts and remote control.




An ecobee thermostat can harmonize energy savings and home comfort. Over time, the system learns your routine and recommends personalized changes to your thermostat schedule for optimal energy savings. Plus, the unit alerts you to events like sudden temperature drops or spikes that could cause damage to your home.


You can control your ecobee from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch. Additionally, it can be integrated with all leading smart home ecosystems, including Alexa Built-in, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings.


Daikin One+

The Daikin One+ smart thermostat is an advanced air controller that features a high-resolution touchscreen display. The unit is Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled remotely through a Daikin Cloud account. You can also create customized schedules and choose from a range of energy-saving modes. In addition, the Daikin One+ can be connected to smart home technology such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to support features such as voice control.


Ready For An Upgrade? Find The Best Smart Thermostat In Calgary From Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc!

With years of experience serving the homes and businesses of the Calgary community, the team at Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc is proud to be your go-to heating and cooling experts. We carry a wide variety of smart thermostat systems from leading brands like Daikin, ecobee and Honeywell, and can repair or service any model.


Our experienced technicians in Calgary provide professional installation, retrofit, repair, replacement and maintenance services to ensure your home temperature is always comfortable. Please contact us today for more information or a free estimate!

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