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The Impact of Smart Thermostats on Energy Usage

The idea of controlling your home's climate with only a few taps may have been around for decades now, but why is that a good thing? Sure, it reduces manual adjustments, but what other benefits does such a device offer? It turns out there are many, and they relate to real savings for you and your family.

Read on to learn how devices such as the Daikin One+ smart thermostat can offer you greater efficiency and insights into your energy use. You can then take those forward and prevent you from needing to spend so much to heat your Calgary home in the future. 

a daikin one smart thermostat

The Basics of Smart Thermostats

Any smart, modern thermostat can connect to your home's Wi-Fi signal, giving you remote access to any air conditioning or heating system. As you use them, they can learn your preferences to help schedule the best times to turn the heating on, giving your home the perfect climate.

These types of thermostats have been around for almost two decades now. As such, they are well-trusted in the heating and air conditioning industry.

Greater Control Over Home Heating

With remote access over your thermostat, you can start to have a lot better control over the exact nature of your home's heating patterns. For example, not only can you raise or lower it, but depending on your home, you may be able to set temperature "zones". These can help you with reducing energy usage by only heating locations you use at specific times.

Automated Indoor Climate Changes for Boosted Efficiency

Smart thermostats learn from your behaviour as you use them. They can adjust your home's heating without your input. In others, they may also offer suggestions based on your usage to help with lowering energy bills.

Depending on the device, they can even make changes based on the external temperature or if they detect movement around the home. In total, many can save up to 20% on the cost of your heating bill.

These devices can also offer you details and insights on your energy usage per day, week, or month. You can use these to track heating habits to ensure better use of your home's climate controls.

Smart Features to Help Save Energy

There are many other beneficial options a smart thermostat, such as the Daikin One+, can offer. They include:

  • Detecting when you leave the home to adjust the heating.

  • Monitoring air quality.

  • Offering notifications on your home's climate.

Each boosts your home's climate control by ensuring you do not spend more than you need to on heating and cooling.

Invest in a Daikin One+ Smart Thermostat

With a smart thermostat, you aren't only upgrading the device in your home but investing in a more efficient future. This is where the Daikin One+ smart thermostat can take control of your home's climate and reduce your energy bills in an instant. We sell and install a range of smart thermostats that are right for your home’s unique needs.

Speak with one of our comfort pros on how this thermostat can improve your home heating and also offer many other options to ensure sensible energy use. All you need do is contact Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning and let us guide you toward a more optimal home heating system. Smarter energy use and lower bills can be in your hands today.

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