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Do you know what the optimal AC temperature is to keep your home comfortable without spending a fortune on your power bill? If so, here’s some key information .

The right temperature

Experts consider an optimal AC temperature to be around 25 or 26 degrees Celsius. This temperature range is ideal because it won’t make your air conditioner work harder than it needs to. Additionally, turning your thermostat up two to three degrees when you’re at work or away for longer than a couple of hours can help you save as much as 10 per cent on your utility bills.

Programmable thermostats

It’s easy to forget to change the temperature settings on your air conditioner. A programmable thermostat, however, can be used to make sure that your home is always at an optimal AC temperature. Most programmable thermostats can automatically adjust the temperature in your home up to six times a day, making it simple to have different settings for while you’re at home, away and sleeping. You can override the thermostat at any time if your schedule changes without having to reprogram it.

Other ways to help keep your home cool

If you prefer your home to be on the cooler side in the summer or want to lower your cooling costs even more, here are a few tips:

  • Use fans wisely. Ceiling and portable fans help circulate the air around your indoor environment. This makes the air feel cooler on your skin, even if it’s warm in the room.

  • Open windows at the right time. Open windows on opposite sides of the house during cooler periods, like early in the morning and late in the evening. The resulting breeze can help cool your home significantly.

  • Block out the sun. In summer, the sun’s rays can quickly heat up a space. To avoid this, keep your curtains and blinds closed during the day. Preventing sunlight from entering your home will help keep it cool.

  • In addition, having your AC serviced once a year will keep it running. Regular maintenance will ensure your air conditioner works efficiently, which will help reduce your cooling costs.

  • Air conditioner repair and maintenance in Calgary

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