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Carbon Monoxide Leaks from Furnaces: Detection and Prevention Strategies

Furnaces are widely regarded as efficient heating systems and they are commonly used in many houses in Calgary. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t come with any disadvantages. One of the possible issues some homeowners may have with their furnaces is carbon monoxide leaks. This can be a serious problem and it is fundamental that you know how to detect and prevent it from happening. Let’s look into it. 

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How Do I Detect a Carbon Monoxide Leak? 


If you rely on a furnace to manage temperatures in your home and are worried about the possibility of dealing with CO leak, there are some signs that you can pay attention to. The first sign that you may be dealing with a carbon monoxide leak from your furnace is a burning smell in the air. Even though this gas is typically odourless, the combustion process may generate smells that can be noticed in the house.  


Another sign of carbon monoxide leak is the presence of yellow or brown soot stains found around the structure of your furnace. Ideally, the combustion process of your furnace should be complete and efficient. When that doesn’t happen, carbon particles are released in the form of soot, which typically means there is a leak in the system.  


Preventing Carbon Monoxide Leaks  Regular Maintenance 


The most efficient way of preventing carbon monoxide leaks is by having your furnace regularly maintained. Experienced professionals will be able to inspect your system and provide efficient furnace repair for any carbon monoxide-related problem they find. Regular maintenance is fundamental to make sure any potential problems are addressed quickly and efficiently. 


Replace Air Filter Regularly 


Furnaces need to have their filters changed regularly, at least once every three months. Filters are designed to prevent dust and other particles from finding their way into the furnace’s system. However, as time goes by, they can get dirty and impede air from properly circulating in the ducts. Among many other problems, this can cause the heat exchanger to heat and crack, which may result in a leak of carbon monoxide from your furnace. In order to prevent that from happening, regular replacement of air filters is essential. 


Proper Installation 


Another way of preventing carbon monoxide leaks is to ensure your furnace is installed properly. This involves making sure every step of the process is done correctly, including the design of the ductwork, the alignment of the burners and the proper adjustment of valves. If these steps aren’t done correctly, your furnace may have problems achieving a complete combustion process, which may lead to carbon monoxide leaks. Counting on experienced professionals can make all the difference to ensure that the installation process is done safely and efficiently. 


Furnace Repair and Other HVAC Services in Calgary 


If you are having problems with your furnace and are looking for professional assistance, Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc is here to help. We provide a wide range of cooling and heating services, including installation and repair. Whether you believe you are dealing with carbon monoxide leaks or simply need regular maintenance for your furnace, we have got you covered. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us help you keep your heating systems in optimal condition. Reach out to us! 


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