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Furnace Carbon Monoxide Levels: How It Affects Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

In March of this year, 12 people had to evacuate a small bungalow in Calgary due to dangerously high carbon monoxide levels. They only knew about the high CO levels because of their carbon monoxide alarm. Without it, the result could have been tragic.

Every year, Canadians lose their lives or become ill as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is scentless, so many people aren't aware that they're being poisoned.

We're here to talk about the importance of furnace carbon monoxide levels during your furnace's installation, repair, and maintenance process. Read on to learn all about it.

Carbon monoxide alarm in Calgary

During Furnace Installation

During the installation of a new furnace, it's crucial to ensure that the system is properly vented to prevent the buildup of carbon monoxide. The venting system should remove combustion gases, including carbon monoxide, from the living space. This keeps residents safe.

Proper installation includes using appropriate venting materials, such as metal vent pipes. It also includes ensuring those materials are correctly sized and free from obstructions.

There should also be carbon monoxide detectors near the furnace to provide an early warning if CO levels happen to rise. Remember, carbon monoxide can be deadly. Taking all necessary steps during the furnace installation process is essential.

Awareness During Furnace Repair

If your furnace isn't working properly, you need to have a professional come take care of it. This isn't a DIY job unless you've received proper training and certification in the past. This is partly because it is important to consider carbon monoxide levels during the repair process.

If the furnace isn't working properly, it can release more carbon monoxide into the home. Repair technicians know how to look for cracks, leaks, or clogs that can cause an increase in carbon monoxide.

They should also ensure everything is connected correctly to prevent leaks. Without that training and expertise, it's easy to miss a leak during a repair. Leave it to the professionals.

Ongoing Furnace Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important for keeping your furnace safe and efficient. It's a good idea to hire a professional for furnace maintenance before the cold weather starts.

During maintenance, the technician checks to ensure the furnace is burning fuel correctly and not producing too much carbon monoxide. This involves cleaning and inspecting different parts of the furnace, like the burners and ignition system. They also make sure the vents are clear and there are no blockages.

A good repair technician will be able to catch any leaks or signs of future leaks during maintenance. This can prevent serious problems, and it may even save your life.

Keep Furnace Carbon Monoxide Levels in Check

If your furnace's carbon monoxide levels aren't in check, you and your family may be in danger. Ensure you have a professional install, repair, and maintain your furnace to avoid a disaster. A furnace technician may save your life.

At Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, our experienced technicians are ready to help you with your furnace-related needs. Contact us for a quote in Calgary today!


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