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Why Choose Harmony When You're Seeking Air Conditioning in Calgary

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Picture this: You're sitting on your couch, drinking your favorite cocktail, watching your favorite show. And suddenly, the Air Conditioner goes out in the middle of summer. What happens next? Are you prepared to call professionals for air conditioning services or are you at a loss for what comes next? Well, if you call Harmony Heating and Air Conditioning, they'll cover the next steps for you. Keep reading to learn why you should choose Harmony for your Air Conditioner needs.

Easy Payment Solutions

Sometimes we don't want to call professionals because the bills can start to add up quickly. Trust us, we get that! But at Harmony, we want to make sure that your comfort is affordable. That's why we have different financing options for you! You can choose to pay over different amounts of time depending on what works for you. You may even qualify for 0% APR for 12 months!

Air Conditioner Repairs

When you need an Air Conditioner repair done, you probably want it to be done ASAP. Waiting around will only make your home warmer and you more uncomfortable. Depending on your specific needs, Harmony provides all kinds of repairs! We have the best knowledge and know how to diagnose and fix any Air Conditioner equipment that requires it. If necessary, we can even replace a damaged air conditioner! With all of that said, Harmony also offers 24/7 emergency services in case you need help with your Air Conditioner as soon as possible!

Replace Fan Coils

Fan coils are used in Air Conditioner units. They use a cooling coil to provide the right temperature to the space where it is located. These coils occasionally need to be replaced, and we can assist with that quickly.

Air Conditioner Installation

Perhaps you don't need to have your air conditioner repaired, but instead looking to have one installed in your home. If you are moving away from window units or simply have no cooling system, you may be looking to upgrade. Harmony can help you upgrade to be more comfortable! Or, maybe yours is just getting old! Here are a few indicators that you might need a new air conditioner:

  • It is over 10 years old

  • There are weird noises

  • It's emitting foul smells

  • It's leaking

  • Struggles to keep your home cool

  • Always needs repairs

We can help you get rid of those issues with a new Air Conditioner unit!

Air Conditioning Services with Harmony

At Harmony, we aim to make sure that you are always at ease in your own home. If it involves fixing your air conditioner or installing a new air conditioner unit, we can help you. We have many air conditioning services to fit your needs, and with our experience, you know you will be in great hands! Need repairs or a new AC? Don't hesitate to contact us today - remember, we even have financing plans to help you out!


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