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plot light furnace

So what is a pilot light anyway? A pilot light is a small flame, typically a small burner that uses natural gas kept continuously burning as the ignition source to heat your furnace or hot water heater.

The pilot light should be located at the bottom of your equipment and be blue in colour. The blue flame warms your furnace or hot water heater and provides your home with the heat you need to stay warm and comfortable living through cold weather in Calgary. The pilot light flame is the main indicator as to whether your furnace or hot water heater is working properly. If you see the flame, and it’s blue, it’s working! If the pilot light ever goes out, and is not visible or turns to a yellow flame, this is a sign of a larger problem and we recommend you call us right away! We’re top-rated by Calgarians for our exceptional service and have an emergency hotline to serve Calgary 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year! Prior to examining your furnace or hot water heater, you may discover your pilot light is by waking up to a freezing cold bedroom, or hopping in a freezing cold shower. Yikes! While efficient to wake you up in the morning, cold showers are not how we like to start our days, and our job is to keep your hot water warm when you need it most. So you’re freezing cold and you realize your pilot light is out. Now what? Trying to relight your pilot light can be dangerous! Whenever you’re dealing with gas, it’s best to call an expert to handle your heating situation with caution and care. We will have one of our local technicians out promptly to inspect your furnace or hot water heater and solve all of your pilot light issues. In these harsh Calgary winters, it is too important to know whether or not your furnace and hot water tank are working correctly and what to do to avoid and fix problems. No heat or warm water in -30 is no joke, not only for your comfort but for other systems in your home too, like plumbing! A furnace or hot water tank in need of repair can also lead to frozen pipes, plumbing work, and increased bills! So keep an eye on your pilot light, and the heating equipment in your home to stay safe and comfortable through all weather conditions. Click here for more warning signs, other than your pilot light, that you need a furnace replacement.

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