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How to Stop Furnace Vent Freezing in Your Calgary Home

If you're a Calgary homeowner, you may have encountered the frustrating issue of furnace vent freezing during winter cold snaps. Also known as furnace ice buildup, this phenomenon can disrupt your heating system and lead to discomfort during the chilliest months.

Here are some of the causes of furnace vent freezing and how to prevent it.

Icicles forming on frozen furnace vent in Calgary

Why And How Does Furnace Vent Freezing Happen?

Furnace vent freezing occurs when the moisture in the combustion gases emitted by your furnace freezes on the vent's exterior. This can be caused by a combination of factors, including low outdoor temperatures and improper venting.

When your furnace is running, it generates warm air that contains moisture. As this warm air exits your home through the vent, it encounters the frigid air outside, causing condensation. This moisture can freeze on the vent, leading to ice buildup.

Furnace vent freezing is more common in homes that have newer-style condensate furnaces. These furnaces require correctly installed ventilation and drainage systems to prevent ice buildup.

How To Prevent Furnace Vent Freezing

Preventing furnace vent freezing requires a combination of measures and regular maintenance:

  • Clear the surrounding area. Ensure the area around your furnace vent is clear of snow, ice and/or other obstructions.

  • Inspect ventilation. Regularly inspect your furnace vent for any signs of ice buildup. If you notice frost or ice forming on the vent, it's an indicator that there might be an issue with the venting system.

  • Check vent design. The design and installation of your furnace vent play a crucial role in preventing freezing. Ensuring proper vent angles, drainage, and adequate insulation can minimize the chances of moisture buildup and freezing.

  • Annual maintenance. Schedule annual furnace maintenance with a professional HVAC technician. We can clean and inspect your furnace and ventilation system, ensuring optimal performance.

When To Call a Professional

While certain measures can help mitigate furnace vent freezing, there are times when it's best to call in a professional HVAC technician.

  • Persistent ice buildup. If you notice consistent and significant ice buildup on your furnace vent, it's a sign of a deeper issue that requires professional attention.

  • Inadequate heating. If your furnace is struggling to provide adequate heat, furnace vent freezing could be a contributing factor. An HVAC technician can diagnose the issue and make the required furnace repairs.

Furnace Installation, Maintenance and Repair in Calgary

If you encounter persistent freezing or heating problems, call Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. Sign up for our Home Protection Plan and receive a free annual cleaning and 23-point maintenance check. Contact us today to speak with a home comfort expert and book an appointment.


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