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Don't Overlook Your Furnace: 5 Signs You Need a New Furnace

old furnace sitting on the curb after getting a brand new one installed

If you live in Calgary, you know how important your furnace is to your comfort as temperatures reach an average low of -13 degrees Celsius in winter. But did you know that an old or broken furnace can also be a severe health hazard? If you think your furnace needs replacing, there is no time delay!

Here are five signs that you need a new furnace asap!

1.) Your Electric Bills Have Suddenly Increased

You know it is time to buy a new furnace when your electrical bill suddenly is more expensive. If the weather hasn't changed and you haven't increased your average temperature, your furnace isn't working correctly. To save money and avoid a disaster when your furnace stops running, have a Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning technician inspect your old furnace.

2.) Parts Of Your Home Are Cold

Another sign that you need to find a furnace replacement in Calgary is that parts of your home are cold. The thermostat could be broken, or your furnace is not operating at full capacity when it can only heat a section of your home. You want to avoid being caught cold in the middle of a Calgary winter. A new furnace will blast warm air throughout your home, making you comfortable and without worry.

3.) Your Air Quality Is Poor

It only takes 24 hours of long-term exposure or less for harmful carcinogens like carbon dioxide to affect your health. And with an old furnace, you could be exposed to these toxins and dust that contribute to low air quality. If you change your furnace air filter but still see particles or experience other health ailments like asthma or difficulty breathing, it is time to replace a furnace with a new one.

4.) You Notice Strange Sounds And Odd Smells

It is also time to get a furnace replacement when you hear strange noises or odd smells coming from your air ducts. This could mean that your furnace releases carcinogens and is on the brink of breaking down. Don't wait until your furnace is no longer working. Trust your senses and get your furnace checked by a professional from Harmony Heat and Air Conditioning.

5.) Your Old Furnace Needs Constant Repairs

Our team at Harmony Heating and Air Conditioning can provide furnace repairs, cleaning or a tune-up. However, if your furnace is old and keeps breaking, you require a replacement. By replacing an old furnace instead of constantly trying to fix it, you save money in the long run and remove the risk of having a furnace that may fail at any moment.

Have Your Furnace Replaced By Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning In Calgary

Once you get your old furnace inspected by Harmony Heating and Air Conditioning and it is determined that it is beyond repair, then a new furnace can be installed. We will suggest the best brand, such as Daikin furnaces, for your home to ensure it is a perfect fit. Get started by contacting Harmony Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment or get a free quote!


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