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It can be easy to overlook your home’s water heater until it doesn’t work properly, and you’re forced to take an ice-cold shower. Here are four signs your water heater requires repair or replacement.

1. The hot water tank is leaking

You may occasionally notice beads of condensation on the outside of your water heater. This is normal. However, if you see steady dripping down the side or a puddle of water pooled around the base, your water heater requires repairs. Over time, leaks can develop as the water tank continually expands and contracts as it heats and cools. A plumbing professional from Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning can check your unit and find the source of the leak.

2. You notice rust-coloured water coming out of the hot water tap

If the hot water coming out of your sink, faucet or shower head is tinged a brownish-red colour, your water heater may be to blame. This is often a sign that the inside of your hot water tank is corroded, which can lead to cracks and leaking. Additionally, the anode rod inside your water heater is made of metal and can become rusted if damaged. Therefore, it’s best to contact a professional to get to the root of the problem.

3. There’s no hot water

Have your hot water taps run cold? If so, your water heater must be looked at by a professional. As hot water heaters age, they become less efficient due to sediment buildup. If your unit is over 10 years old, it may be time for a replacement. If your heater is relatively new, you may simply have an issue with one of the heating elements, which can be promptly fixed by a licensed plumber.

4. You hear strange noises

It’s perfectly normal for your water heater to make some noise. However, loud popping, cracking, rumbling, and banging noises are causes for concern. Water heaters can become noisy from excessive mineral buildup inside the tank and on the heating elements. Furthermore, a loud water heater can also result from a broken dip tube that causes the cold and hot water to mix. Fortunately, at Harmony Heating and Air Conditioning, we carry Noritz tankless water heaters and natural draft, power vented and power direct vented highly efficient hot water tanks by industry-leading brands like Rheem, Bradford White, and John Wood"

Water heater repair and replacement in Calgary

If your water heater or the hot water tank is acting up, the experts at Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Our team offers comprehensive repair and replacement services to residential and commercial customers throughout Calgary. Contact us today for a free, no- obligation quote.


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