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3 Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Furnace

If you’re a Calgary resident, you’ll know some of our coldest winter nights can drop to -30 degrees Celsius (or -22 degrees Fahrenheit). And the coldest stretch of the year can last up to three months long. Whether you’re a resident or you’re about to become one, having a properly functioning furnace should be high on your list of priorities.

Below, we’ll explore some of the top considerations when looking into a new furnace. You’ll want to consider the size, fuel source, and longevity of the unit.

1. The Size of the Furnace

One of your first considerations when buying a furnace is the size of the unit. There’s actually a science, or – more accurately – a math, to finding the right size. For example, if you buy a unit that’s too small, it’ll struggle to heat the space, overwork itself, and run up your utility bill. Conversely, if you buy one that’s too large, it’ll have to switch itself off when it overshoots the mark. Powering off and on too frequently will wear all types of furnaces out before their time.

2. The Fuel Source

The fuel source is equally important when considering new furnace options. Your three main options are gas, oil, and electric.


Gas furnaces use natural gas to heat homes. They’re energy-efficient and are the most common furnace used in Calgary If you’re not already equipped with a line, you’ll have to factor in the cost to install one.


Electric units are becoming more popular in Calgary and can be a very efficient way to heat your home when paired with a cold climate heat pump. But, again, we return to the issue of size. Depending on the space you need to heat, you’ll have to do a little math to try to predict your monthly electricity and gas bills with this source of heating.

3. Single stage vs 2-stage vs 2-stage variable speed vs modulating

4. Warranties and Maintenance

Once you’ve factored in these main points, furnace installation is the easiest part. Harmony Heating will help you install the furnace and guide you on how to operate the system. Your home or office can stay warm even in Canada’s coldest months.


Still, you’ll want to ensure you can efficiently care for and maintain the system. Don’t be bashful about digging deep into the warranty because it varies by manufacturer and HVAC company. More efficient furnaces tend to have longer warranties than basic units. You’ll also want to make sure you have a reliable warranty on the heat exchanger.


About maintenance, there are little things to be aware of like how to clean the filters and ensure the vents aren’t blocked. And, regardless of how high-tech or low-tech your furnace is, it’s a significant investment that you should protect by having it inspected annually by a reputable company.

Start Planning for Your New Furnace Today

With these three tips in mind, you’re well on your way to a new furnace. And, if you live in the Calgary area, we’ll be glad to help you maintain or upgrade your current unit. Here at Harmony Heating and Air Conditioning, we understand how important it is for Alberta homes and businesses to have an efficient and reliable system. If you’re interested in a free, no-obligation quote, we can help you take your heating system to the next level. We look forward to speaking with you!


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