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In-floor Heating Calgary


If you want to be able to step out of your shower onto warm tiles or enjoy a consistent and cosy temperature throughout your home, radiant in-floor heating may be the way to go. Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc is proud to offer comprehensive in-floor heating installation, maintenance and repair services for home and business owners throughout the Calgary area.

Whether you want to heat every room in your house or wish to add extra comfort one or two rooms, our reliable technicians have the tools and training to do the job right. With more than a decade of experience making life more comfortable for Calgarians, you can count on our team to provide friendly service and top-quality workmanship. For more information, contact us today.


Depending on the type of in-floor heating system you choose, either electric heating coils or plastic tubing that fills with hot water will be installed in your floor. When you turn on the system, heat radiates upward and warms every object it comes in contact with, similar to how the sun warms your clothes and skin on a hot summer day.

Since the electric coils or water-filled tubing extend throughout the room, in-floor heating provides an even temperature as warm air continuously rises to fill every corner of the space. What’s more, with a multi-zone heating system, you can easily adjust the temperature in each room to suit your preferences. For example, you can save energy by lowering the heat in unoccupied spaces while ensuring consistent warmth in frequently used areas like the living room.


If you want to transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat, upgrade your entire heating system or install in-floor heating in a new build, turn to the professionals at Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. We source and install in-floor heating systems for residential and commercial properties throughout the Calgary area. Click here to find out more about our financing options and 10-year warranties on labour and parts.


One reason that in-floor heating is so popular among home and business owners is that it requires virtually no maintenance. With that being said, our qualified technicians are just a phone call away if an issue arises. You can count on our team to provide quick and effective solutions to ensure you’re not without heat for long. We even offer 24/7 emergency repair services for our Calgary clients.


Are you thinking about installing in-floor heating? In addition to ensuring your home or business is consistently warmth, here’s why this type of heating system is a sound investment.

It’s energy efficient.
A radiant in-floor heating system doesn’t need to be set high to effectively heat a room, which means it uses less energy other types of heating systems. There’s also little risk of heat loss since the air doesn’t travel through ducts. Plus, the uniform distribution of heat over the entire floor eliminates cold and hot spots in a room that might tempt you to crank up the thermostat or open a window.
It works with any type of flooring.
Whether you prefer hardwood, laminate, carpet, natural stone or vinyl, you don’t have to compromise your style to accommodate in-floor heating. You’re also free to install this heating system in any room, from concrete-floor basements to tiled bathrooms and kitchens.
It’s safe and improves air quality.
Say goodbye to the sharp edges and hot surfaces of radiators that make them a hazard for homes with young children or pets. You may also prefer in-floor heating over a forced-air system, as it doesn’t risk stirring up dust and allergens.
It simplifies home decor.
If you opt for in-floor heating, you’ll be free to decorate a room without the need to consider clearance around radiators, baseboard heaters or floor vents. In addition to eliminating a potential fire hazard, you’ll free up wall and floor space. Plus, you don’t have to worry about an unsightly radiator clashing with your design style.

Additionally, there are a number of advantages to opting for radiant in-floor heating in commercial and industrial spaces. For example, it can be an effective way to heat areas with high ceilings or large amounts of air infiltration, such as atriums or buildings with a parking garage. In-floor heating systems can also help keep floors dry, thereby reducing the risk of workplace accidents.


At Harmony Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, we’re committed to providing friendly customer service and top-quality workmanship backed by extended warranties. In addition to our in-floor heating services, we offer a variety of other HVAC, plumbing and gas-fitting services for home and business owners like you. Contact us today to schedule a service call in the Calgary area.

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